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Whenever there are new rules, new stories and new systems some things are evident and obvious, and some things are trickier. That’s where these examples come in.
Below you will find a few things to help you along, resources to make things a bit clearer if you find them difficult now. If you, on the other hand, find that everything is already crystal-clear, you need not mind these things. They are not mandatory reading.

Please note that the page numbers given here correspond with those in the 1st printing. The POD has slightly different pagenumbers. Updated examples will follow.

First up we have some example characters for the Core Rules. Five characters ready to be printed and used with most any basic adventure.

Example Characters



Secondly there is a combat example which details two fighters in single combat, walking you through the steps of a few combat rounds.

Example Combat



Thirdly there is an example of character creation, which takes you through the steps of the character -creation outline of the Core rulebook.

Character Creation Example

Then we have an interactive character sheet. This handles some of the basic math of character-creation, calculating things like secondary attributes and attribute-rolls.

Interactive Character Sheet

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