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So what comes next?

This project is not just the Core Rulebook and the character-creation rules of the World to Be, as you may have figured out. There is a lot more to it, and if you are missing something, it is possible that it will be covered by the expansions to the game being written.
Below is a small list of publications coming up.

Core Rulebook Set

When Two Tribes go to War
This adventure is all about two nomadic tribes vying for the same territory, deep in a swamp. The characters get tangled up in this plot and will have to see it through.
Apart from the adventure itself the publication contains information on the people of the marshlands as well as sieges and defenses,

The Same Old Story
Bandits ravage the countryside, and the farmers huddle in the village by the mountain. Who can ever help them? Well, the traveling band of adventurers, of course!
Apart from the adventure the publication also includes expanded equipment-tables with rules for additional armor.

Circles Disrupted
A magician is demanding a ransom from the local king or he threatens to burn all the crops and plunge the land into a never-ending drought. Will the characters be able to get to the magician in time to stop his evil plot?
In this publication you can also find rules for magical circles, the colleges of magic as it were, as well as rules for magical rocks and crystal, and lastly a new Sphere of Higher magic; The Sphere of Nightmares!

In Glorious Ashes
The ruins of the First Kingdom is a place not just of incredible wealth, but of unspeakable dangers. Can the adventurerers brave the myriad random magical pitfalls of that place, along with its monsters, bandits and other dangers to obtain the greatest treasures lost to history?

Through the Eyes of Madness
Drawing heavily from the Cthulhu Mythos by H.P. Lovecraft, this tale of terror is about long-lost cults, the blurring or reality, the Thing hiding in the depths and the time when the stars are right in the dark uncaring sky.


The World that Is

The first expansion of the game is about the current world, and the primary occupants of this era; the humans. The expansions include articles about the cities, countryside and wilderness of the continent Maoc, and information on the human race’s rich past in this world.
It also contains rules for herbs and plants, as well as potions and brews that can be made from them.
The expansion also contain three new Spheres; the Sphere of Illusions, the Sphere of Undeath and the Sphere of Winter.
The Undead make their first real appearance in the game in this expansion, and have their own section in the publication, with an article on them, as well as listing of walking deceased monstrosities.

The Passing of a King
Conflicts within royal court spill out into the city, with the task of killing a monster that ravages the countryside. Will the death of the monster settle the dispute of succession to the throne, or stire the conflict further?
In addition to the adventure itself the publication contains material on peoples of the plains, people of noble blood and some more potions.

God is on Our Side
Two armies, both certain they they have the blessing of the very same god, march against eachother. Are they both right? Are they both wrong? Is one going to be able to use divine might to smash the other?
This also contains an article on religion for the common people, as well as information about living in the cold, the tundra and the glaciers of Lociam, and finally about herbs as a commodity, herb-traders and gatherers.

The Making of a Church
If you thought the politics of a court was tough, you should try a church. This adventure is all about the schism forming in the Salvation-church, and about villagers taking up arms to defend their faith against their neighbors’ heresy.
This of course contains a lot of information on the background of the Salvation-church, but also rules on addiction to magical potions and some hard-to-put-down new potions and brews.

Hunt for the Dark
The campaign centers on the undead, and on the people hunting and fighting them. The characters are drawn into a long-standing conflict between a group of undead-hunters, Lifebringers, and their foe; a powerful vampyr.
This campaign is in XX parts and also contains information on the Black Crusades, the Lifebringers and the scant information that is available on the magic of the more powerful undead creatures of Lociam.

The World that Was

This expansion details the older races of Lociam; the elves, the dwarves and the animal-peoples. It contains information on their culture, religion, and their ways. It also allows characters to be made from these races, not just humans. The expansion also includes information on super-human martery of weaponry, expert craftsmanship and four new Spheres of Higher magic; The Sphere of Artefacts, the Sphere of Darkness, the Sphere of Ordered Silence and the Sphere of Spirits. Among the new monsters introducted here are both spirits and creatures of Shadow, as well as the true Dragons of Lociam.

Has nice Ring to it
When a magical artifact is stolen from a dwarven king, the characters are set out to get it back, racing against time as the thief uses the awesome power of his new prize to wreak havoc on the lands.
This publication also include information on peoples of the mountains as well as a new Higher magic Sphere; the Sphere of Rock.

Eastern Monition
An ancient evil rises in the coastland, and the elves muster a defense against it, enlisting the help of the adventurers in their midst to hold back the rise of this new old darkness.
This also contains information on peoples of the coastlines, rules for traveling by sea, and new martial mastery techniques.

The World that Will Be

The old world is dying and a new one is taking its place. This third expansion deals with the emerging power of Chaos and their Third People.

The World as Yet Unseen

What about everything else then? Well, the World as Yet Unseen details the mysterious islands and continents one can go do discover, as well as the moon some adventurers have tried to reach.

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