* New adventure – When Two Tribes Go To War

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It is time to release a new adventure for The Lost Roads of Lociam.

A heavy stone smashes into the side of the hut, ripping a hole through the wall. A man inside gives a shout, grabs his spear and charges out, but is cut down by the woman hidden just outside the door. He falls, whimpering, as a torch is flung through the hole in the wall of his shelter, setting it ablaze. The fire seems to be hesitant, faltering and not catching on, and the woman, pulling her long dagger from the fallen man, look into the hut. She sees a woman sitting in there, a child in her arms, concentrating hard on her magic to keep the fire back. A stone thrown from outside shatters her concentration, and the fire rages out, overtaking the flimsy construction. The woman runs screaming from the hut.
The nine tribesmen rise, and look down into the valley, surveying the destruction. Nine other fires are raging in the countryside below. They have reclaimed their honor, and avenged the death of their beloved leader. The war rages on, just as the fires throw pillars of smoke high into the dawn-red sky.

When Two Tribes Go To War is an adventure for the Lost Roads of Lociam – Age of the Black Chaimara and features a multi-branching story where the outcome is dictated by the choices the players make, and the war may turn on their wisdom, or foolishness.

The adventure also includes additional information about the marshlands and living there, along with the basics of siege warfare, walls, gates and warmachines.

You can get the adventure over at DriveThruRPG – by clicking on this link.

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